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Take Me Home by Ray Bradbury

Take Me Home by Ray Bradbury

Check out the last article Ray Bradbury had published. Full of enthusiasm and warm nostalgia, it got posted in the New Yorker on Monday, just two days before his death. What a legacy to leave behind, hm?

Rest in peace, sir. You changed a lot of lives and left a lot of inspiration in your wake.


No Wonder…

How DC Comics Forced One Lifelong Wonder Woman Fan To Quit Buying Her Comic | Geekscape.

First off: sorry for the pun in the title. It’s bad. I take full responsibility, though it will happen again.

Second: I’ve never been a big Wonder Woman fan. She was always one of the cheesiest characters for me. But, I knew the purpose behind her creation, behind the alternate version of the Amazons and what she stood for, and therefore I never had anything against the character. So for DC comics to launch a story arc that completely undercuts her entire moral stance shows a staggering level of apathy for their characters. Are the higher-ups at DC even fans of their own books? Do they read them? Do they care about the characters beyond their profits margins?

I’m gonna go with no.

If being a lifelong reader and storyteller has taught me anything, it’s that if you don’t give a shit about the characters whose lives you create and control, it shows. Big time. I think the last few years have proven just how much DC loves its creations.

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