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Why Seafarers Love Joss Whedon’s Firefly

Combining two of my favorite things – Firefly and the sea – Miriam Goldstein discusses how living on a ship at sea is a lot like living in a cabin on the Serenity. The obvious reason, of course, is that everyone over at Deep Sea News is a big nerd, but geek that I am, I won’t be pointing fingers any time soon.

10. Quarters are tight, but your berth is your castle. This is where you can relax, surrounded by comforting objects, whether they are trashy novels, music, guns, or that purty purty dress. Yes, one of us may take a dress to sea with them, and it’s not Miriam. Frankly, Serenity‘s cabins are nicer than most research vessels we’ve been on – private and with their own toilets! Pretty appealing after sharing a cabin so tight that you and your roommate can’t stand up at the same time. Also, sharing a very very small room means that you best be careful when it’s time to “be in your bunk.”


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